Nicotine Patch Test Helps Smokers

Nov. 16, 2006 – Quitting smoking is the need of the hour due to a rise in health related issues that have grown up with recent times. Each year many people die out due to lung cancer in different parts of the world.

Now an effort has been started as such so as provide counseling sessions and related information about smoking cessation. As such, a nicotine patch test was conducted whereby each one who shall participate will get $25, free counseling sessions, and other necessary information.

According to a survey, one out of four 18- to 24-year-olds currently smokes. Although three out of four smokers report wanting to quit, many do not try because of the belief that it is more expensive to buy quit-aides, such as patches, gum or medication, than to keep smoking.

Quitting smoking has large benefits such as teeth shall be brighter and whiter and at the same time, it reduces the chances of cancers, heart diseases, and strokes. There are many methods to quit smoking such as self-initiative methods or with the help of smoking cessation medicines.

Aids such as Zyban, Chantix, clonidine and other medications such as nicotine replacement therapy, such as the gum, patch, lozenge, inhalers and nasal spray and medications.

Each year, 34 per cent of smokers try to kick the habit. Only about five per cent of those attempts are successful. Here is why the human psyche may never allow us to become completely smoke-free.

While taking these prescription medicines one has to be very careful even if one is quite careful about taking these medicines. A patient can be prescribed zyban to quit smoking and wellbrutin for depression. However, both the medicines could lead to interact dangerously.

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