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Nov. 6, 2006 – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, November 6, 2006 – The holidays begin as Christmas nears; you know what the festivity asserts. And, if you are looking for corporate gifts and ideas that promote, the latest edition of the Gifts & Accessories magazine is just what you need.

The magazine discusses gift requisites for the months of November, December, as well as January. From stationery products, handicrafts, appliances and personal accessories to toys, festive decorative, jewelry and novelties, you will come across assortments. However, if you have any special gift idea in mind, and you would like that to be the next hot topic of discussion, feel free to call.

The cover page on the handbook illustrates information about the contents inside. Or, would you rather a, coffee table book. Either ways, the usual like the unusual categories you are looking for are there. Whether you are a corporation or a club, you are aptly going to be pleased like this author. By the way, are you planning to wear a tailor made shirt this Christmas? Tailor make an advertising plan if you will. You deserve that executive look for your employees and clients.

Not that a lot of brainstorming required, the suppliers are keen to help you with the variations feasible in texture, designs and colors to match your aesthetic and corporate requirements. Perhaps a name, a trademark, a slogan, or a message, a theme, probably a festive disclosure?

For the female CEO folks, you could be a bit more selective. Think home appliances, fashion accessories or imitation, ladies bags and crockery, and you will get what you want in the handbook. In fact, with the Gifts & Accessories magazine, you will be at ease to adulate this most difficult to understand sect. Throw the book or what?

If you appreciate artistry, and your choice of gifting could be ranging from anywhere between handicrafts to decorative articles and figurines, or from frames and albums to gift-wrapping, all said and done and sourced.

Whether you are a soul of antiquity, or of contemporary art, your search shall end here with the Gift & Accessories magazine at hand. In addition, if you are truly a solicitor of creativity, then you are expected to gift your clients and employees gifts that speak craftsman in any form. The latest launched booklet could conform to your imaginative sentiments.

As Holi, Janmashtami, Dassera, and Diwali went by this year, Christmas like every year shall conclude with happy celebrations. Nazneen Bhansali, the Assistant Editor of India’s first Gifts & Accessories’ Gifts & Promotions Special says, “Apart from Diwali, Christmas and New Year see pomp and grandeur in the west as well in India, equally.”

Festivals elucidate shopping fervor and best occasions to share gifts and wishes. However though, with celebrations, launchings of new products, trade fairs, meetings, and exhibitions, Christmas seems to have arrived with an uproar.

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Make that handy book yours.

About the Author: Ms. Karishma Roy works in the capacity of a Web Content Writer with Netlink Solutions (India) Limited.

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