Nofir Collects Fishing Equipment Along Greece Coastline

Athens, Greece, May 21, 2015 –(– It is estimated that each year 6.4 mln tons of useless fishing equipment is discarded or lost in seas and over 100,000 marine mammals die from the harmful effects of plastic, fishing nets, and trash in our oceans. This was the main reason why Norwegian company Nofir AS decided to spread activity around European coastline. In the end of May 2015, Nofir is organising an action in Greece focused on collecting discarded material from fishing and farming (nets, ropes, fish farming cages etc).

Collecting in Greece
More and more fishermen and fish farmers in Europe complain about disposal of old fishing equipment which is difficult to sort and transport. Nofir’s activity in Greece will include looking for companies, fishermen or fish farmers who want to get rid of material. The company will be responsible for everything – from transport to paperwork. Most of the material will be dismantled and given for recycling.

Large amounts of fishing equipment lost at sea or abandoned by fishers are hurting the marine environment. Ghost nets have continuously catches fish, birds and marine mammals for many years at the seabed causing degradation of marine life. Nofir tries to predict throwing away nets to the oceans by taking useless fishing material from fishermen and fish farmers.

“We organize the action in Greece to collect as much material as we can and give it to recycling. From recycled fishing equipment you can make clothes, carpets, baskets for shops and much more. We are open for cooperation. If somebody contacts us, we will visit them immediately and take specific action,” said Tomas Sarnacinskas, Procurement Manager of Nofir.

Maritime conference in Athens
On 28-29.05 there will be a big event called European Maritime Days in Athens for people who are connected to marine industry. The event will focus on ports and coasts as engines for Blue Growth. Nofir will actively participate in the conference during the event as Oistein Aleksandersen,The CEO of Nofir, will give a speech concerning marine litter in Europe.

About the company
Nofir recycles discarded material from fishing and fish farming industry around Europe. To be more effective the company was granted a support from European Union through the Eco Innovation. The goal of this project includes decreasing the amount of plastic waste in European seas by 12 600 tons and decreasing CO2 emission by 57 600 tons.
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