Not The Night Before Christmas


A Backgammon Christmas
“Not the night before.”

Not by Clement Clarke Moore’

It was the night before Christmas, when all through the house the only thing
Heard was the click of a mouse, with the hour not twelve and the moon shining
Bright the PC screen shimmered under bright Christmas lights.

With stockings hung by the bright red armchair, I started a game which others Could share. Across virtual space, people gathered at pace to see if their Checkers could win, the backgammon race.

In rooms made of wood or some covered in lace the backgammon players Signed in to their place. In festive spirit and with dice rolled just right the players Sat down to play through the night.

But what was that sound that echoed about, was it the sound of a hoof, or a faint Muffled shout? I couldn’t be sure sitting prone in my seat, the best thing to do Was to get up on my feet.

In the cold of the night under eerie white light, I heard it again it again,
As it cut through the night.

I crept to the window and saw for myself, a jolly fat man and six little elves,
He had on his back a sack full of joy which seemed to spill over with toys for the Boys, in one hand he held a lap top and plug and in the other he held a beer can Shaped liked a jug.

I watched as he made his way down the path and saw his sleigh parked behind On the grass.

His footsteps were big yet he left not a trace as he quickened his stride as he Picked up the pace.

In stark contrast and somewhat dazed by the scene, my backgammon partner Had come over mean, he had offered me little by way of a throw and now I had Nowhere on the board for to go. A six or two would get me a space, from where I Could play and get in the race.

But my eyes were distracted by the fellow in red who seemed to be climbing the Chimney way ahead

And as he climbed the snow began to fall and from the night sky there came Quite a sight, as six little reindeer sped through the night.

To the man in Red they came to halt and lifted him up with a skip and a vault.
On the sleigh he sat back and took up the reins for he was too old for climbing up Drains.

I knew then that this would be his last call of the night so I went back to the
Screen and threw the dice just right,

They rolled and they rolled several numbers in view, only after they stopped
I knew what to do, I would offer a double and call my friends bluff, I hope he’d
Accept or go off in a huff.

Then from the roof above I heard such a clatter, that I thought my poor roof tiles Were going to shatter.

The rustle of clothing and a jingling sound were joined by some chimney dust, as It fell to the ground.

Then just as I thought all this was a dream, the Jolly Man in Red entered the Scene.

He winked at me once, then offered his hand, I smiled back in shock this was Something not planned.

He walked past me to the game on the PC, and sat down in my place at the seat that was free; On the keyboard he typed three words at a stroke, and then Turned to me as if in a joke.

“Double or quit, let’s see what he’ll do…I am sure he’ll give in it’s the right thing to Do”.

With a silent screen we waited to see when the answer would come and what Would it be.

The Jolly Red Man was right on the night, as my opposition faded from the Screen, out of sight.

Will you stay for a drink and something to eat, he smiled and said “No” politely
“I have thousands to meet”

But he said that when he got some time to spare he would welcome a game over
Table and chair, his fashion was older he preferred to play on a wooden board And checkers that didn’t fade away.

Then in a trance he hurried away, up through the chimney and onto his sleigh, And as he took off from the roof tops so near,
I heard his voice call out so crisp and so clear “

A Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year”.

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Editors Notes:
Based on the World Famous Night before Christmas poem
Backgammon is the online game of the moment with over 2 million registered players signed onto www.play65, the world’s biggest online backgammon room
Backgammon is a game that has been played throughout the centuries, it is older than Christmas.

— End —