Not your usual party or meeting when you “Party with Punzhu”

Dec. 21, 2006 – If your last party or meeting left you wanting more fun, more excitement, more challenge or participation, you can change all that for free. Party with Punzhu.

What is “Party with Punzhu”?
It’s a way to:
·Sweeten a shindig with your friends,
·Fundraise for your charity,
·Add extra spice to your next company get-together,
·Build team spirit within your organization,
·Using free puzzle games from Punzhu Puzzles.

What kind of puzzles?
Crosswords, sudoku, alphasudoku, symbol sudoku, cross sums, cryptics, and word find games in English, French, Spanish, German, and other languages.

How do you “Party with Punzhu”?
First visit the website, Next, click on “Free Magazines” in the left side menu bar. This will take you to the “Puzzle People” forum page. All you have to do then is choose the type or types of puzzles you want to download for your party or meeting from the list in the “Puzzle Magazines” section.

Then the real fun begins. You decide if you want to have teams or not, what conditions you make on solving, and what prize or prizes – if any. One condition you may want is a time limit, or maybe you want to really challenge your group and use foreign language puzzles. The possibilities are endless.

Puzzles are great fun, a fabulous learning tool, and can build team spirit in a friendly competitive environment. Puzzles, online games, and other neat stuff available for free at

— End —