OmniMD launches integrated EMR and Practice Management software

Dec. 6, 2006 – The integrated EMR and practice management suite offers many new modules and services to providers, office managers and administration staff to automate their workflow within the practice.

OmniMD EMR-electronic medical records software, and integrated PM suite is a broad solution for a medical practice combining a powerful package all of the most important information requirements: Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software for documentation and analysis, Practice Management (PM) Software for integrated medical billing and reimbursement, Document Management for patient reports and lab results, Appointment Scheduler to manage patient appointments and practice portal services for enhancing provider – patient communication.

OmniMD Electronic Medical Record software (EMR) automates and simplifies the patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process. The EMR software and system acts as the backbone for delivering immaculate patient care, establishing efficient processes and maximizing profitability.

Point and Click Electronic Medical Records System: OmniMD EMR allows doctors to select terms from pre-structured or customized templates, generating complete and accurate clinical documentation within seconds. The Point-and-click system generates clinically reports such as health maintenance reminders, history, physical examination, tests, diagnoses and therapy. Since notes are created within the EMR, they are available immediately upon completion. A single screen view of the patient dashboard provides access to patient demographic information, insurance records, allergies, medical history, transcriptions, prescriptions, superbills and documents. The electronic medical software also offers the capability of E-Fax to E-Form, the ability to convert patient data provided as e-fax into the EMR, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Integrated practice management and medical billing Software: OmniMD Medical Billing and practice management (PM) software allows the practice to manage all patient billing and accounting seamlessly and efficiently. It is fully integrated with the EMR, appointment system and charge capture. Taking advantage of the information flow, it allows quick and easy medical billing while ensuring a high degree of accuracy and traceability. The practice management system interfaces with leading electronic clearinghouses for electronic claim submission and tracking. With a comprehensive set of reports, it presents all practice management information in an effective manner for analysis and tracking. The Practice Management system converts superbills to claims, with proper charge application, taxes and discounts and maintains charges by payers, providers and CPT’s. Insurance claims can be submitted electronically with add-on ability to print on paper. Electronic tracking of claim status, payments and workflow of billing team and comprehensive accounting/billing reports, with support for custom reports are also included.

Patient Insurance Eligibility Check: OmniMD provides an instant online check for insurance eligibility across key government and commercial insurance companies. OmniMD provides real time as well as batch mode online checking for insurance eligibility across commercial and non-commercial insurance payers. Insurance eligibility can be verified through a single point access to all insurance players. The system eliminates the need for paper transactions, coordination in getting checks done or multiple telephone calls. One is ensured that there would be accuracy in the insurance checks and avoidance of denied claims at a later stage.

The new modules and services are integrated with OmniMD EMR other features that include Appointment Scheduler, Charge Capture, Prescription Writer, Referral Management, and medical transcription.

About OmniMD
OmniMD – is a developer of HIPAA compliant healthcare practice software and solutions, designed to automate the work-flow of contemporary medical practices.

OmniMD software suite is composed of Specialty EMR, Appointment Scheduler, Charge Capture, Prescription Writer, Eligibility Check, Document Management, Referral Management, Patient Reminder, Lab Order Integration, Practice portal for clinics. OmniMD not only provides software, but also services to offer an end-to-end one-stop solution for its clients. The services offered are Medical Transcription, Document Scanning and Indexing and Software Integration.

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