OneInternetShoppingCentre.Com – States Powerful Case For Browsing And Shopping On The Web

Dec. 22, 2006 – Underpinned by OneInternetShoppingCentre.Com’s values and upheld by its beliefs – which drives the business – the aim of the site is to help shoppers look,click and find products and services online with refreshing confidence, ease and pleasure.

The company’s site is beautifully laid out. There are neat and relevant headings indicating the different aspects relevant to the site, making the site easy to navigate. The homepage aside, the other categories, which also provide pixel advertising space for products and services relevant to the site’s shopping service philosophy, are titled neatly and advantageously located just beneath the site’s title bar.

In a statement, UniRoyal InterVentures CEO Kofi Ohene-Asa Akuffo said:”OneInternetShoppingCentre.Com provides shoppers with an essential format, which is instant and collectively accessible, enabling shoppers to browse and find products in seconds.”

UniRoyal InterVentures launched earlier in 2006 and chose to concentrate on providing shopping services, it’s niche, making more enjoyable the experience online of browsing and shopping; it’s perfect for even before the shopper decides to visit the shop or shops in person.

Ultimately, looks to become the hub of a happy browsing and shopping community on the web, so shoppers can look, click, and find everything they are looking for at the site. To help make this a reality, OneInternetShoppingCentre.Com is concentrating on building strategic alliances and beneficial relationships with direct marketing companies to take advantage of focused, precise and targeted direct advertising initiatives and strategies, and most importantly, the power of television and the media.

Kofi Akuffo, the Chief Executive of UniRoyal InterVentures, which owns and operates the site, plays a big role in this.

“These are very exciting times,” Akuffo says. “The internet has presented a new, dynamic and promising way of advertising on the web, and this new way has invented pixel advertising. This new way allows pixel advertising to present advertising through aggregation, bringing adverts pictorially together at one collective place. At this moment in our time, only the internet can do this. Pixel advertising is a powerful revolution in advertising on the web.”

OneInternetShoppingCentre.Com is prominently placed to take advantage of advertising and promoting various categories of shops at its website, with its different category subdomains covering fashion, health and beauty, home and accessories, banking and finance, leisure and entertainment, office products and services, food and drink, baby and children, computers and software, automotive and insurance, hosting and internet services.

Quite simply, this allows to positively position its specialist website as a shopping centre in cyberspace reachable via the internet.

“The concept is incredibly simple,” explained Kofi Akuffo in his statement. “Bring together all the shops and stores you’d usually find at a mall or shopping centre and serve as the gateway to their various websites or as their point of universal reference on the web.”

This will obviously give shoppers an edge, in that they can get to compare prices and product features, for instance, before deciding to purchase at a particular website or websites or otherwise visit the shop’s location in person.

“The internet is all about empowering, making the shopper’s life easier,” said Kofi Akuffo, “and we at are here to make it not only easier, but convenient as well. This will allow shoppers to see more,click more, and find more at the OneInternetShoppingCentre.Com website and in less time and with increased efficiency and effective reliability.”

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