Online Arbitration – Hot New Service Fills The Void!

Nov. 16, 2006 – Filling a huge void in the Internet marketplace, dispute resolution expert Marty Lavine recently launched, a first-of-its-kind service, that provides fair, professional Arbitration for disputes that arise over Internet transactions and much more. The service is incredibly fast, surprisingly convenient and extremely economical!

With buyers and sellers typically separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, traditional courts are simply not available to settle most Internet disputes. As a result, both buyers and sellers are left without any means of bringing in a neutral third party who can hear the evidence and make a fair decision. Buyers wind up frustrated and sellers see and feel the disastrous effect as they, along with potential new customers, find scathing, negative reviews left for their business all over the Internet.

Endorsed by Conflict Resolution Academy, a recognized leader in conflict resolution and management resources, net-ARB employs a roster of professional, certified Arbitrators to bring Arbitration to the Internet in a manner that is convenient and affordable to everyone. Following simple online registration, every case is handled completely by e-mail over the course of a few days for as little as $95! For $150, you can employ a panel of 3 professional Arbitrators to decide your case. There is no need to leave your home or office and each party participates whenever it is convenient for them – morning, noon, or night.

net-ARB also encourages online businesses of every kind to become net-ARB Members, as a way to show shoppers that they mean business when it comes to customer satisfaction. net-ARB’s Shield of Protection on a business website is the kind of security blanket online shoppers look for, providing a measurable boost in sales conversion rate. Promising Arbitration should it ever become necessary is a sure way to turn shoppers into buyers.

And net-ARB’s reach extends way beyond the limits of the Internet. net-ARB’s friendly, courteous Arbitrators handle business and contractual disputes of any kind, real estate matters, probate quarrels, family disagreements, and even help settle friendly bets. No matter the question, net-ARB is the answer. is a 21st century solution for settling your disputes.

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