Online Confessions Made Easy – Rolls Out Revamped Website

Online confessions website unveils revamped English language website, #YIC now has a new look.

Pune, India, May 13, 2015 –(– Online confessions website unveils revamped English language website, #YIC now has a new look. The recent revamp is part of the organization’s plan to totally rebrand, restructure and redesign its online portal, to make it easier for users to navigate and use website on computer, tablets and mobile devices., popular over social media with hashtag #YIC is an online confession portal where people across the globe make confessions. Users can share their confessions and real life stories, comment and up or down vote these stories. Since its launch #YIC has received close to a million (10,00,000) views and have offered a new way to share real life stories.

The latest version of website features seven categories and smoothly integrates with all social media channels making it easy for people to share real life stories with friends. Furthermore, the website is crafted to suite maximum viewing and browsing experience on both desktop computer monitors and smart phone and tablet screens.

Ashish Kulkarni, the founder of #YIC concluded – “I Have high hopes that new edition of the website would be more popular, engaging and attract more clicks across geographies and demography’s. It will give opportunities to millions of people who are online to vent out their mind and share their real life stories. The design of website will make it further easier and allow people to comment on these stories and share their views with the confessor.”

He further said, “The new design reflects both our brand and way people use website. For people who are on website to just read real life stories, website has seven categories love, hate, home & family, religion, animal, adult & intimate. Confessions and real life stories which are otherwise very difficult to share with friends and family are shared on this website very easily as identity of user remains confidential, people feel safe to share their mind and thoughts online on #YIC.”

About launched in year 2007 by Ashish Kulkarni is an online confessions portal where people make confessions and share their real life stories. popularly known and discussed as #YIC over social media channels has reach and readership across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America with close to a million views and continues to attract eye balls.

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