Online Novelist Pushes Definitions of Romance, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction

Dec. 2, 2006 – ENFIELD, CT—Rachel Rossano, an online author, is trying to find a new niche in fictional writing. A homeschool graduate with a degree from CCSU, Rossano has been writing since her teens. Since the beginning, she found it difficult to write within any of the current genres out there.

“My writing is a blend of historical fiction, fantasy without magic, and romance without sex.” she explains. “I have never been able to keep my work within an already determined genre. I write what I would like to read.”

With a following of women readers of many genres, Rossano has found a small, but very interested audience through her blog on Xanga, the weblog community ( She enjoys the instant feedback that each of her posted chapters receives and corresponds constantly with her readers via email and blog comments.

Now, with the release of her book, The Mercenary’s Marriage, she is attempting to cross over into paperback publication. The Mercenary’s Marriage, an adventure tale of love and loyalties, is one of her few works that didn’t originate as a serialized tale posted on her Xanga blog. This book, along with her previously published work, The Crown of Anavrea, embodies Rossano’s hope to share her work with more readers.

The Mercenary’s Marriage is a romantic adventure tale that follows Darius, a mercenary, as he attempts to earn the trust of his new wife while thwarting a plot against his employer’s life. With plenty of action and suspense to engage adventure lovers, the plot keeps the pace swift and exciting while the characters draw you into their world and conflicts. Rossano also explores the basis of trust and how to earn it despite past disappointments. She touches on the real life issues of balancing duty, affections, and desires. The Mercenary’s Marriage is available directly from the publisher or through Rachel Rossano’s website

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