Online Poker Still Going Strong In The US despite ban.

Dec. 6, 2006 – Since Sen Frist passed the bill which was meant to have the effect of stopping US players playing poker online there are still plenty of US players seemingly flouting the law and continuing to play online.

The strange thing is , is they are doing it perfectly legally it seems. Using E-wallets like Neteller and Firepay negates the need to fund player accounts using US financial institutions, making it perfectly legal to play.

Three months on from the ban, and while some big sites like Party Poker do not accept US players, there are still lots of Poker Rooms who welcome the Americans with open arms.

A new blog has launched recently to let US players know where the best sites still open for business can be found. ( )
The site has recently been updated and owner of the site, Joey Deakin, believes he has almost every possible site listed, with reviews of the major sites so that people have an easy choice to make when deciding where to play now.

There are also details on the blog about the Poker Players Alliance, a lobby group set up to protect American’s rights to play when they want online.

Hopefully with support from players worldwide, the government will have to look at ways of legalising Gambling online in the US, while making sure the all revenue is kept in the US.

But while you wait for common sense to prevail, you can still play poker online legally.

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