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Dec. 11, 2006 – PRESS RELEASE

December 12, 2006 Contact: Alexa Ferotina

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Cartoon entrepreneur Rick London loves to repeat his favorite saying. “Those who do not

learn from history are doomed to repeat it……those who do not purchase a Kerry/ Bush Debate

Wall clock are doomed to tell time on a regular old watch or clock!”

Who of us can forget the opening lines from Bob Schieffer at the University Of Arizona in

1994. Nobody had a clue as to who would win this debate, or presidency. But what cartoonists

knew, said London, that no matter who won or lost, in this particular elections, cartoonists worldwide

would “win big”.

Shiffer started, “Good evening from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. I’m Bob

Schieffer of CBS News. I want to welcome you to the third and last of the 2004 debates between

President George Bush and Senator John Kerry.”

“As Jim Lehrer told you before the first one, these debates are sponsored by the Commission on

Presidential Debates.”

“Tonight the topic will be domestic affairs, but the format will be the same as that first debate. I’ll

moderate our discussion under detailed rules agreed to by the candidates, but the questions and the

areas to be covered were chosen by me. I have not told the candidates or anyone else what they are.

To refresh your memory on the rules, I will ask a question. The candidate is allowed two

minutes to answer. His opponent then has a minute and a half to offer a rebuttal.”

Now you can time AND TEST your own debating power with the authentic Londons Times Cartoons

Bush/Kerry Desk or Wall Clock!

London is the founder of Londons Times Superstore which features over 65,000 unique

cartoon gifts and collectibles including the Kerry/Bush debate desk clock. It is also available in

tee shirts, mousepads, sweats, mugs, key chains, Christmas ornaments, and even gourmet coffee

gift baskets. To purchase the item, one simply goes to http://www.londonstimessuperstore.com

and clicks on the type of item or items they want. Another screen opens, click on “funny society

cartoons” scroll down and there is the item.

The desk clock runs 27.99 and desk clock is 34.99. Shipping can be expedited 2-day priority of

DHL overnight to guarantee receipt before holidays.

London established Londons Times Cartoons www.londonstimes.us in 1997 in a small
metal warehouse where he was living in rural Mississippi. It has emerged to be one of the

most visible sites on the Internet and is in the Netcraft top 100,000 top ranked and Amazon.com’s

Alexa system top 200k.

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Londons Times Cartoon Superstore http://www.londonstimessuperstore.com For more information contact

sales@londonstimes.us .

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