Oxigen Apps Delivers for iOS

Mississauga, Canada, August 10, 2015 –(PR.com)– Oxigen Apps, a Mississauga, Ontari-based company focusing on Android and iOS App development has announced its new development strategy to produce its line of successful Andriod Apps for the iOS platform. Oxigen Apps is owned and operated by local entrepreneur Gorkem Yuksel.

“Simply providing quality apps for the Android platform isn’t sufficient anymore. The playing field is equal among both platforms,” mentioned Gorkem Yuksel, when asked about why now? “Friends and family each have their own devices, and most households have a combination of Android and iOS platforms running. We know it can be quite frustrating in this day and age, to download an app for one device, but not for another,” continued Gorkem Yuksel.

In an effort to to become more competitive, Oxigen Apps, has already released two of their apps to the iOS marketplace; Bounce Off and Compass 2015 have been available on the iTunes store since July 2015. Oxigen Apps has plans to release its newest app ReminderMinder, simultaneously into both markets scheduled for the late part of Q3.

Oxigen Apps roster of applications currently available on the Google Play store can be downloaded today:

RingSmart – Ringer Control – App

Compass 2015 – App

Conversation Starters – App

Bounce Off – Game

Target Zero – Game

Applications available on iTunes

Bounce Off – Game

Compass 2015
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