Pacific Prime Hong Kong Renewals Team Starts Push to go Green

At the end of June Pacific Prime Renewals team in Hong Kong announced that they were taking the company’s first steps to ‘go green’. This initiative, spearheaded by the Renewals Manager, Danielle Cotton, aims to not only reduce but eventually eliminate the use of paper in the company’s Hong Kong office.
On this initiative Cotton explained, “We send anything between 300 and 600 pieces of paper per month. Not to mention A4 sized envelopes used to send the documents. All of this is paper is in duplicate of something we already send in email form…This is a massive waste that we believe can be completely avoided.”
To begin with, the Renewals team will stop sending out paper copies of renewal notices and supporting documents, opting instead for sending digital reminders. This step echoes efforts made by many of Pacific Prime’s partners, who have started to offer ‘Paperless Memberships’ where a vast majority of the insurance process is now conducted in digital form.
For people and partners who would prefer to receive hard copies, Cotton acknowledged, “Of course, we realize some local insurers demand hard/original copies and, therefore, we must follow protocol in these instances.” She continued, “We understand that some people prefer having the paperwork on hand, rather than do things over email or the phone.” When this is the case, the team will send out paper copies but with messages reminding clients that paperless is also available.
Cotton believes that over the coming year many of the other teams at Pacific Prime can join the green effort and reduce or eliminate the amount of paper used by the office, and has started to push the other teams to become more aware of how they use paper in their daily roles.
Stay tuned to Pacific Prime’s Hong Kong blog to learn more about initiatives put in place by the other teams in the coming year.