PaperStreet Launches New Site for Lawcastles

Dec. 6, 2006 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – PaperStreet proudly announces the launching of the new site for Lawcastles. The web site was designed in classic PaperStreet fashion: elegant, bold, and professional.

Lawcastles, whose new site is located at, is a Tanzanian law firm specializing in providing services to foreign individuals, companies, and other entities in selected areas of corporate and commercial law. The firm was founded in 1999 in Dar es Salaam by three former university classmates. From 1999 to July 2006, the firm operated under the name of ‘Lexglobe LLP’. In August 2006, the firm was re-branded as ‘LAWCASTLES’ after merging with another small law firm.

Lawcastles is one of the largest law firms in Tanzania with a well established reputation in the areas of Project development and Finance, Intellectual Property Services, Distribution, Franchising, Competition Law, Telecommunications, Mergers and Acquisition, Commercial Lending, Construction Law, Tax Law (including international tax law), Cross-border Insolvency and Debt Restructurings, Commercial Arbitration, Commercial Litigation, and Expert Determination. The bulk of Lawcastles’ business comes from outside Tanzania and most of it comes from best known global organizations and corporations to start up companies.


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