PaperStreet Launches New Website for Jacqueline Tadros, P.A.

Dec. 29, 2006 – PaperStreet is proud to announce that Jacqueline Tadros, P.A. has a new home on the web. The new site’s design captures the elegant and professional image of the firm.

Jacqueline Tadros, P.A., whose new site is located at, is a boutique law firm specializing in patent, trademark, copyright and related matters. The firm’s practice includes securing domestic and international intellectual property rights, business counseling, and licensing. They serve clients from all over the country and around the world in a personalized, simple, and informal setting.

The firm has a strong appreciation for the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that propels the independent inventor and the corporate client with an eye to the future. It is their mission to provide all of their clients with distinctly personalized and superior legal representation.


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