Parker & Sons Announces Record Demand For Maintenance Agreement Memberships

Parker & Sons, Inc. an industry leader in plumbing, heating, cooling and air filtration announces record demand for maintenance agreement memberships. As a growing number of households and businesses discover the intrinsic value of maintenance agreements they are increasingly requesting this type of program as a way to better manage a heating and cooling system for the long-term. Parker & Sons has been serving the region for well over 40 years and has earned a reputation throughout the community as well as among prior and existing customers for delivering excellence in customer service. With well over 100 dedicated employees, the company strives to deliver quality customer service on each and every project.
The increasing popularity of maintenance agreements is simply due to the fact that more people are becoming aware of the value of taking preventative measures as a way to protect a heating and air-conditioning system. In fact, studies have shown that having a regular maintenance program in place can ultimately save homeowners and businesses time, trouble and money with regard to repair costs, water damage and cleanup. As an added bonus, regular maintenance inspections, tune-ups and minor repairs have been shown to greatly extend the life of HVAC equipment. In addition, having regular maintenance performed on HVAC system helps to reduce utility bills due to the fact that a system will run far more efficient when it is regularly maintained.
It is also important to note that the majority of warranty companies that provide warranties for heating and cooling systems often require yearly maintenance on equipment as a way to maintain a warranty in a valid and current status. Parker & Sons offers a Parker family plan that provides residential and commercial customers with a host of benefits that would otherwise not be available. For example, priority service and priority scheduling as well as a one-year warranty on all workmanship are standard when customers choose the Parker family plan. Equally impressive is the fact that those that enroll in this program enjoy priority service and discounts that would otherwise not be available. From discount plumbing repairs to substantial discounts on all other types of repairs, customers have discovered the value in enrolling in the Parker family plan.
Parker & Sons makes available to its customers a one-year, two year and three-year agreement as a way to maximize the amount of money that can be saved on a single system. For example, it is estimated that a three-year maintenance agreement will save customers on average $43 on each tune-up. This combined with other savings and benefits makes a long-term service and maintenance agreement a smart option for discerning consumers. The maintenance visits that are included in a maintenance agreement are comprehensive and cover a wide array of variables. This recent announcement with regard to record demand for maintenance agreement memberships is additional proof that Parker & Sons is a company that strives to deliver the very best when it comes to the care and maintenance of heating and cooling systems in Phoenix.
Parker & Sons, Inc. is an innovative and forward-looking Air Conditioning Repair & Plumbing Service in Phoenix Arizona. Having served the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area since 1974, Parker & Sons, Inc. has earned its reputation one customer at a time. Delivering quality for both residential and commercial customers, the company enjoys a long record of national recognition and has received numerous awards and accolades over the years. Parker & Sons, Inc. is known for its impressive attention to detail and old-fashioned quality work. The company has been voted #1 in “Ranking Arizona” for the last five years and maintains a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Parker & Sons works on heating systems, cooling systems, ducting, air filtration and offers a variety of plumbing related services. Parker & Sons, Inc. is an established name in reliable service calls throughout Phoenix Arizona.