Passion For Fine Hospitality, A Legendary And Traditional Family Business

Nov. 15, 2006 – The strategy that sets WTM-International® apart from the rest of the Hospitality Representation offices is based on three pillars, quality service, excellent- traditional Brand name and flexible- creative employees.

Chris Wendler Vice President of International Business Development uttered in border sense: In order to ensure high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, WTM-International provides its hotels with sophisticated, exclusive service that make each visit a unique and singular experience. Our services- ranging from personal ambience & greeting to excellent locations, interior design, Spa and a high level of traditional and international connoisseur Dine & Wine experience.

In this regard, WTM-International does not customize the hotels, but rather the service. It respects the personality and the character of the hotels and captures the essence and the culture of their surroundings.

Moreover, the contribution of our boutique hospitality, its enclosed personal to the quality of service is essential in order to fully guarantee each customer “WTM-International experience”. All members of WTMI highly qualified personnel are enthusiastic about the possibility of professional progression and internal promotion and take an active part in growing the company by contributing with their initiatives.

On the other hand, enclosed clients of WTMI® group are situated in locations and tourist resorts of high landscape value. The objective behind this strategy is to ensure that our customers go on enjoying the “WTM-International experience” when they leave our grounds too.

A third key factor in positioning of our company, member clients and hotel facilities is, we always offer 4- and 5 star establishments which are reflecting the true boutique experience.

In short, WTM-International aspires to position all of its companies in a segment characterized by quality service, heritage conservation, charm, Wellness & Spa, high quality in Dine & Wine and in our international team of specialists.

Margaret Courtney-Clarke PR & Marketing Director is happily delighted announcing WTMI® new exclusive portfolio members, such as:

The Treasure Beach Hotel, The Greenways Estate, The Falaza Game Park & Spa, Neethlingshof Estate & enclosed medallion wine producers, Hotel Le-Vendome, Montrochelle Hotel & Mountain Vineyards, Zorgvliet Group of Properties, Santé Winelands Hotel & Wellness Centre, Paperbark Lodge, GocheGanas, De Kloof Luxury Estate, Oon Kloof and Urban Chic Boutique Hotel.

Furthermore she continued the new entrants of Manley Communications, a well-known South African PR & Marketing company for excellent boutique hospitality and Capelegends a specialized PR & Marketing company for South African Winery exceptionally enriching WTMI service and representation, abilities and portfolio of its appearance in Africa. Our Africa-Team leaded by Chris Wendler named as follows: Susanne Faussner-Ringer, Lannice Snyman, Jeanne Retief-Wendler, Carina Gous, Carlen Groenewald, Debbie Whyman, Berenice Barker, De Bruyn Steenkamp, Cobus Joubert and Ian Manley.

— End —