Pay Per Click That Pays!

Dec. 6, 2006 – Pay per click can be a costly business. But in the true spirit of Christmas, a UK management consultancy is pledging to give advertisers cash back on their click charges throughout December.

Clients opening a new MSN account with Epsom firm Top Position will receive a 5% rebate on the cost of their December adCenter campaign.

Existing MSN advertisers are also being invited to join in the fun and can claim their 5% cash back simply by transferring the management of the account to Top Position before the end of the year.

A Growing Audience

“MSN offers a fantastic platform for creative and dynamic pay per click campaigns,” says Top Position’s managing director, Daniel Jupp. “It’s demographic targeting features are second to none thanks to Microsoft’s strong customer base. Top Position uses this detailed user information to fine-tune advert targeting and deliver more relevant traffic to client web sites.”

A centre of excellence for pay per click advertising, Top Position was one of the first PPC consultancies in Great Britain to offer MSN campaign management. Having worked with the platform since the inauguration of adCenter earlier this year, Top Position’s dedicated MSN account managers employ business intelligence to get to know the customers behind the clicks.

Top Position’s managed accounts have a low rate of wasted clicks, highly focused campaigns and optimal performance levels. It was voted one of the UK’s ‘Top Regional Digital Agencies’ by Revolution magazine in October in recognition of this customer focus.

A Global Audience

Designed to make online marketing as efficient as possible, MSN adCenter boasts strong customer demographics and enhanced advert targeting. Offering advertisers a global audience, adCenter covers the full spectrum of online communication and dialogue to deliver unsurpassed levels of scale, reach and penetration.

For more information about Top Position’s MSN offer and its pay per click management services, visit or call 0800 040 9192.

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