Pediatric Physical Therapy Company to Send Staff on Medical Mission

Stafford, TX, August 20, 2015 –(– Renowned Houston pediatric physical therapy company MedCare Pediatric Group is proud to announce that it will be sending five of its brilliant therapists on a medical mission with the Christ United Methodist Church. This year’s mission group will be going to Escuela Ensenanza Especial Marta Saborio in Alajuela, Costa Rica to provide relief to children via food, Bible studies, sports, and some construction. MedCare’s own team of skilled therapists specializing in different practice areas will assist by giving the youth of the school, especially those with complex needs, some much deserved medical attention from the 18th to the 26th of July 2015.

MedCare has always been dedicated to aiding children with special needs. The organization’s goal is to enhance the lives, improve the health, and develop the functional abilities of children, even those who are in the hard-to-reach corners of the world. For this reason, MedCare sought to cooperate with the Christ United Methodist Church, a religious institution that has been involved in countless local and global missions to countries such as Kenya, Jamaica, Haiti, Honduras, Russia, and Peru.

Being a high-profile mission, MedCare has deemed it fit to send some of their best therapists from their different locations to the medical mission. Cathy Alexander, a speech therapist at Stafford; Pat Pondell, a physical therapist at Stafford; Valerie Grush, an occupational therapist at Katy; Asia Mitchell, a speech therapist assistant with Home Health; and Carrie Auxier, a speech therapist at Spring will all be joining the team at Alajuela, Costa Rica. They will be attending to the special needs of the children at Escuela Ensenanza Especial Marta Saborio. Additionally, they will provide training for the school’s therapists as well as important equipment and materials for treatments.

MedCare is contributing to this cause through the help of financial aid, equipment contributions, and the willingness of the employees. In addition to the team being sent to Costa Rica, MedCare’s Eileen DeMoor, an occupational therapist at Stafford, will be preparing play dough recipes and sensory materials with directions in Spanish. Two local churches are also lending a hand by making “Texture Quilts” for children with sensory needs.

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