Pennsylvania Man Gets Miracle Back Pain Relief From…Water?

Nov. 9, 2006 – Newtown, Pennsylvania. Marty Aulicino has been losing a battle against crippling neck and back pain for the last two years. After one session on an AquaMED Dry Hydrotherapy bed, he knew he finally found a solution to his problem.

Suffering from chronic pain since being hit by a truck, Marty explains “I’ve tried everything; you name it from pills, to therapy, to epidurals. This water massage bed is better than any pill you can take, or treatment that you can get. Especially on a damp or cold day when the pain is at its worst, this bed works miracles… It gives you the best relief in the world.”

He discovered the AquaMED system in Dr. William O’Brien’s office in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and decided to call Paul Lunter, president of the company that manufactures the beds to thank him. He is currently receiving regular 20 minute sessions, and finds the relief usually lasts for about half the day, allowing him to go back to work without pain. “After my AquaMED treatments, the heaviness and pain that I feel in my shoulders and neck is gone. It is the only thing I’ve tried that can completely take the pain away.”

AquaMED Dry Hydrotherapy Systems are high intensity water-massage devices that can be found worldwide in chiropractic, pain management, and physical therapy practices. Dr. O’Brien also has offices with AquaMED systems in Bristol, Philadelphia, and Bensalem, PA.

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