Percept Marketing Rated the Least Expensive Marketing Alternative

Dec. 20, 2006 – Percept Marketing, now taught in University programs as the key “differentiation” method of marketing, continues to prove the least expensive way for business and brands to achieve objectives. “I would say the second least expensive method of marketing and advertising your proposition,” said Derek Armstrong, principal of Persona Corp. and co-inventor of Percept Marketing fifteen years ago. “Yes, it’s common sense that you have to have a unique selling proposition to succeed, but our research indicated this wasn’t even close to being enough. You need to find the one key opportunity that will allow you to spend next to nothing to own a category. We call this Percept Marketing.” The system has been widely used worldwide and deployed by its inventors at Persona Corp. for brands and companies as diverse as Miller Genuine Draft, Sony Music and HBI College.

Armstrong teaches the principles of Percept Marketing in workshops, but is more hands-on with Persona’s precision tool CogniMATRIX, used for all Persona clients to accurately find the one key opportunity to minimize marketing expense while maximizing results.

“CogniMATRIX is amazing,” said Toron Lee of D-Link. “It’s smart bomb accurate.”

CogniMATRIX goes beyond the general principle of Opportunity Marketing as defined by Persona Corp, and builds a precise inventory on 38 points of the subject brand, separately evaluates the key competitors, then focuses on the one area of opportunity with the biggest gap. “This goes beyond simple gap analysis or SWOT, and drills right down to the one differentiating factor,” said Armstrong. “The system gap analysis becomes the foundation of a very tight and detailed tactical plan.” The system has a perfect track record in the last fifty-three implementations.

As with all Persona methodologies, the Power Persona archetypes, pioneered by Persona in 1988, is critical to execution. “You must wrap your opportunity in the clothing of your Power Persona to work. It’s sounds alchemical, but it’s quite logical and proven.”

— End —