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Nov. 20, 2006 – Hampden, MA – Making sense of personal finances today is more confusing and stressful than ever. Whether it’s making heads or tails of an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or simply setting up a college savings plan, understanding today’s financial concepts and lingo is simply too overwhelming for many.

To help, Kitchen Table Advice, LLC is offering a free personal finance question & answer service. By visiting, anyone can submit a financial related question, and the experts at Kitchen Table Advice will dish out an answer for free.

“When people think about saving money for retirement, college, or some big ticket purchase, they often don’t know where to start. Others may want a second opinion on something they were told but didn’t really understand what was said,” says Ray Andree, founder of Kitchen Table Advice. “Websites and books are great resources, but sometimes you need a specialist for your question without spending a lot of time searching. That’s where our free expert advice comes in. You ask a question, and an easy to understand answer comes back lickety-split. And, it’s much better than the advice that most folks get at their own kitchen table!”

All questions submitted and the advice provided are reviewed by Andrée, who is also the president of Kitchen Table Advice. Andrée is a former financial planning expert with 30 years experience that has worked with hundreds of people to help them get the most out their savings and financial plans. Prior to joining the multi-national arena of financial services, he founded, managed, and sold his own successful investment brokerage, was sales manager for the largest independently operated commercial brokerage firm in the nation, providing portfolio investment advice for institutional and individual investors, and developed commercial real estate in the southwestern U.S.

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Based in Hampden, Massachusetts, Kitchen Table Advice is a fee-only, federally registered investment advisory firm and home to Practical Financial PlanningK – a mixture of the most up-to-date financial research and sound investment advice. The company provides a menu of low cost services to assist folks in getting the most out of their retirement or college savings nest eggs.

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