Perth Label Signs Tangled Star

Nov. 8, 2006 – The Australian digital music label, Hidden Shoal Recordings, today announced the signing of the Craig Hallsworth led Australian project, Tangled Star. Hidden Shoal Recordings will release the bands stunning mini album, “It’s Now or Later” mid November, 2006.

“It’s Now or Later” charts a journey across once familiar land yet through its exultant shifts and wandering detours manages to make
everything feel new again. The album’s title talks to the wonderful paradox that is infused within each song both musically and lyrically. This is the apathetic’s guide to caring too much. Truly some of the best Australian indie music you will hear all year.

Tangled Star: In the late 90s, Outstation (Craig Hallsworth, guitars and singing; Jim Butterworth, bass; Jamie Hamilton, drums), a sonic monstrosity, began playing a lot of quiet tunes, and eventually turned into Tangled Star. Lorne Clements (Hammond Organ, Piano) became involved. Then Jamie Hamilton left, and was replaced by a drum machine, and Jim became its programmer. The T-Star quietly went about its business for a few years in Jim’s back shed and in Lorne’s living room. They played only a handful of live shows, but recorded two wonderful albums with Alan Smith from Bergerk! Recordings – the self-titled debut, and the soon to be released “It’s Now Or Later”.

Craig Hallsworth: Born 1964 in Collie South-West Western Australia – land that belongs to the Nyoongar People. Fatally infected with AM radio that plays constantly throughout childhood, in the house and in the car. Begins playing guitar and writing songs around 8 or 9 years of age. Magazines and records. Sitting alone in a room playing and singing into a cassette recorder. String of bands. Loses virginity after a gig at the Narrogin Hotel. Moves to Perth in the mid 80s upon completion of welding apprenticeship in the coal mines. Over next 15 years or so plays in The Bamboos, The Healers, wild palms, Zuvuya, Out-station, Tangled Star, as well as many solo performances and recordings. Currently writing an experi-mental book-length poem and playing in The Slow Beings.

“It’s Now or Later” will be pre-released in the HSR Store on November 20th, 2006 and will see its official release in December where it will be available in Itunes, eMusic and Sony Connect stores around the world.

Hidden Shoal Recordings is Australian based independent digital music label. The label is a unique mar-riage of contemporary distribution, with traditional indie label values and, most importantly, a wonderful catalogue of releases. Our current distribution channels include Itunes (all global stores), eMusic, Sony Connect and the HSR Store.

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