Expands Supplies Inventory and Goes Global

Nov. 27, 2006 – has made the recent decision to officially and overtly go global, as the result of all of the international visitors all of the Aquarium-Club related sites receive daily from every country on the globe and the club’s access to rare fish from breeders around the world. is one of the many web sites in the Aquarium-Club group, which includes,,,, and Until now, as with the other web sites, basically only provided aquarium supplies and tropical fish for sale. Other pet supplies and a global effort are now the new focus of

The decision to expand the supplies inventories for the other pet departments at is based upon the fact that most aquarium hobbyists also have other pets, such as dogs, cats and birds. A link to for all other pets exists on all of the club’s web sites for this reason. Each pet category at currently has about four dozen or more items now as sales specials, but the inventory will gradually expand, although the full range of products is presently accessible and available to customers from the PETsMART affiliation. The aquarium supplies and selection of tropical fish are extensive and complete on all web sites.

Will Griffin, owner and founder of the Aquarium-Club group stated: “It was time to officially expand the other pet supplies categories and to go global. We are already global and we’ve sold some other pet products, so we need to do this more officially. We now have a large volume of visitors from all over the world and we’ve recently completed some search engine optimizations to increase our rankings and traffic now that we are ready to service these additional hobbyists and pet owners with more information, more products, and a comprehensive roster of breeders and collectors of every species and variety of aquarium fish imaginable”. is now actively recruiting pet shop and distributor partners around the world, because the supplies they currently sell through the PETsMART are primarily for the USA and Canadian markets. Additional Pet shop partnerships are being sought in the Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, India, Australia, S.E. Asia, Japan and China. The qualifying criteria for these pet shops will be: (1) a functioning e-commerce web site, (2) the ability to successfully ship fish and products within their region/country, (3) quality fish, aquarium products and other pets,

Pet shops, distributors, and tropical fish breeders wishing to be considered to become associates with and Aquarium-Club, should visit the web sites and complete the application forms on the web sites.

For more information, visit: and

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