PissedConsumer.com Shares the Most Common Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Complaints

U.S. consumer advocacy and customer complaints website, http://www.PissedConsumer.com , extracted the most common consumer complaints about swimming pools and hot tubs from its database. They used this data to assemble tips to help customers avoid the most common problems if they plan to have either one installed this summer.
“Hot tubs, and especially pools, can be huge expenses,” said Joanna Simpson of PissedConsumer.com. “While there are ongoing costs to consider, the installation alone is costly. It’s important things are done right the first time by reputable installers and that these high ticket items live up to expectations. By highlighting common complaints related to installing pools and hot tubs, we hope more consumers can spend more time lounging by the pool this summer and less time worrying about construction and installation issues.”
Some of the most common consumer complaints reported to PissedConsumer.com about pools and hot tubs include:
damage to the equipment or property during the installation process;
poor quality equipment that requires repeated repairs;
pool construction work that was never properly finished;
slow installations;
equipment warranties not being as advertised.
These tips from PissedConsumer.com can help buyers avoid these, and similar, problems when having a pool or hot tub installed:
Work only with experienced contractors, preferably ones who specialize in pool and hot tub installations.
Research contractors online or seek referrals from those in your local area before hiring anyone to make sure they don’t have a history of damaging property or leaving work unfinished.
Any time equipment arrives, double check things like serial numbers before installation begins to make sure you received exactly what was ordered.
Carefully read all warranty information you get in writing rather than relying on an advertisement. Make sure you understand all limitations, and keep a copy of the warranty in a safe place.
Get time estimates from contractors in person after they’ve evaluated the property to determine if anything might slow down the installation process. Don’t rely on generic estimates based on their average installation times.
Ask contractors how many other installations they’re working on when yours is scheduled and whether or not the team assigned to yours will be dedicated to only that project, or if they might be pulled off the job to work on another.
Make sure your agreement doesn’t involve you making a final payment before all construction work is complete. Split up payments, or have a final payment put in escrow.
Reading other consumer complaints related to pools and hot tubs will help you get prepared for summer.
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