PK4 unveils zeroCode, its Do-It-Yourself-Online (DIYO) app construction environment.

Dec. 26, 2006 – PK4 Software Technologies today released its DIYO business application builder, zeroCode. zeroCode is designed to allow small and medium business (SMB) users and small workgroups in enterprises to quickly and easily construct business applications online.

According to Forrester Research seventy-one percent of US SMBs use custom-developed applications. SaaS confers cost advantages, ease of implementation and management, accessibility to the latest technology at no additional cost to the IT infrastructure, and the freedom for the SMBs to focus on their core competencies.

zeroCode™ is an amazing framework for tech-savvy businesspeople to create, build and deploy their own web-based applications. According to PK4, a basic working web business application can be created with just five clicks. zeroCode uses a visual, model-driven approach to enable business users and enterprise IT teams to develop complex business applications, with zero coding. It is an application generator that builds database-driven web applications and can rapidly create visually stunning, feature-rich applications with database access and security. zeroCode accelerates development by eliminating routine infrastructure programming, giving users easy-to-customize and ready-to-deploy Web applications in minutes.

Simple data-driven applications can be built in a matter of hours with zeroCode. Complex transactional applications that access a variety of databases like DB2, ORACLE, SQL Server, Postgre can be built in just days. zeroCode brings the promise of the Do-it-yourself web to fruition. It empowers the people closest to the business problem to deliver an application without being dependent on programmers.

“A custom built application is always going to better match the customer’s requirement and exact business process compared to a packaged application. While SMBs are short on resources, they still want to add layers of functionality and flexibility to their business applications. Do-IT-Yourself business application development using an externally- hosted service is a great choice for SMBs”, said PK4 CEO Kishore Mandyam. “zeroCode empowers business users and enterprise IT teams to quickly develop complex business applications, with zero coding. Over the last few years, several customers like FedEx, Transtar Metals, UTI Bank and World Minerals have used zeroCode to quickly build and deploy web-based business applications. With zeroCode in the SaaS model, we now bring that power to SMBs worldwide”.

zeroCode requires no downloads or installables and can be accessed using a standard browser and Internet connection. Once it is pointed to an existing database, zeroCode quickly builds a sophisticated database-connected application. zeroCode generates the application’s user interface, including Web pages, master-detail pages, menus, and search and navigation components. Once the basic application is built, the application designer uses an intuitive drag-and-drop visual environment to add custom business logic

PK4 offers a free evaluation of zeroCode. Designers can modify an existing database or use their own database to evaluate zeroCode. They will have access to support forums, online chat and discussion groups for trouble shooting.

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