Playdate Kids Publishing Offers Self-Help Books for Young Kids

Nov. 17, 2006 – Have you ever felt like you needed some guidance teaching your child how to deal with social situations? Are you going though a divorce, or perhaps moving to a new location? Malibu-based publishing company, Playdate Kids Publishing recently released a new children’s book series covering topics that can be extremely difficult to discuss with kids.

The Playdate Kids children’s book series, developed for children ages 3-6, offers entertaining adventures for the reader, while at the same time teaching kids how to deal with difficult life issues. Parents often do not realize how divorce, moving, sickness, and new siblings have such a huge impact on young children. It is important to guide them with a gentle hand, and The Playdate Kids children’s book series is the perfect tool for you to use. It is an innovate approach towards children’s books– one of the few children’s book series dedicated solely to the discussion of issues that are becoming more prevalent in our society today.

Written by renowned child psychologist Dr. Annie Thiel, these books have proved to be effective when addressing the social needs of young children. The series consists of four books, each telling the story of one unique Playdate Kid character.

The children’s book, “Cosmos Mom and Dad are Moving Apart” tells the story of Cosmos McCool, and his feelings about his parents going through a divorce. Parents can easily use this book to help their child deal with a divorce in the family, and let them know it is not their fault and they are loved in every situation that may arise.

“Chloe’s New Baby Brother” is the children’s book that follows Chloe Nova and her transition from being an only child to having a new baby brother. This addition to the family can cause confusion or jealousy in an only child or even in a family with several children. Through Chloe, parents can explain how important being an older brother or sister is, and expel all their feelings of anxiety about the new addition to the family.

The children’s book, “Dakota’s Mom Goes to the Hospital” tells the story of Dakota Greenblatt, a Playdate Kid that excels in reading and research. When her mom gets sick and goes to the hospital, Dakota has all kinds of confusing feelings about the situation. Parents who have a spouse who is in the hospital, or sick and at home will find this book to be the perfect way to communicate to their children about the situation, and teach them how to deal with it in the best way possible.
Finally, “Danny is Moving” is one of the most general stories that can appeal to any child or family. Danny O’Brien and his mom are moving to a new house, in a new area, where he will be going to a new school. Discussing issues about moving with your child is extremely important – and through Danny your child can understand the feelings they are experiencing, and the benefits of moving to a new home.

The Playdate Kids children’s book series is original, entertaining, and necessary for all parents to own when encouraging their children to deal with their feelings about tough subjects. Through the characters in the book, your child will learn about their own feelings, emotions, and how to cope with social situations that arise.

— End —