Please Share our Cup of Christmas Kindness

Dec. 21, 2006 – The Cup of Kindness is seeking your submission of seasonal stories of personal giving and sharing to inspire others this time of year. Whether acts of kindness you have performed or witnessed, your small experiences of fellowship can create mountains of hope.

The Cup of Kindness website was recently launched to create a touchpoint for stories of hope and inspiration featuring random acts of kindness among people everywhere. Its hope is to prove that caring and compassion is alive and well, not just in the big charitable picture, but on an everyday basis and between neighbors and strangers everywhere.

The site features articles written by regular volunteer contributors, all of which highlight topics of concern and areas of opportunity to foster kindness in the world around us. Our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our homes, our own hearts.

The site has a place for anonymous contributions as well, visitors can leave a short story of their own. Why give the time? We believe that kindness is contagious. Your story could easily inspire another to be more awake to and aware of kindness in their everyday lives.

And that’s a very good reason.

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Bernardine Wood

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