Podcast Needs Charities

Nov. 12, 2006 – Mooresville, NC – When many people hear about real estate investors they think of the big bad landlord who evicts people from their homes. While real estate investing is a business it is full of regular people across the country. Most of those people are concerned about the well being of others.

Judson and Lynn Voss co-host the popular podcast which is all about real estate investing. Each week they share their experiences with listeners along with interviews from experts and regular people from all walks of the industry. This Christmas they are changing gears, but just a little bit. Get Real is planning a Christmas show that will feature charities and their spokesperson. They aren’t looking for just any charities. Since Get Real is a niche real estate investing podcast they are looking for charities involved in housing.

The show is searching for charities from across the US who have a primary focus of assisting with housing. Judson Voss explains, “An obvious example is Habitat for Humanity but we believe there are other charities that provide housing related needs all over the country extending their services largely unheralded. We want to learn more about them and help our listeners identify giving opportunities within our industry.”

The real estate investing focused show plans to “air” this episode the week of Christmas. Since the entire show is taped it will be necessary to schedule phone interviews early in December to allow for production prior to Christmas. The charity must be a verifiable non-profit organization that has a track record of providing services to families involving direct housing or needs related to housing.

Get Real is asking anyone that knows of a charity that fits the criteria or is a member of such an organization, contact the show producers at holidays@getrealrei.com with a description of the charity and their work.

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