PointServ & Calyx Software Selected as Finalists for the 2014 MT Synergy Award

PointServ & Calyx Software, leaders in mortgage technology solutions for lending and mortgage professionals, announced today that they had been jointly named as finalists for the Mortgage Technology 2014 Synergy Award. PointServ and Calyx Software have created a unique offering that makes it easy for loan officers to collect borrowers’ financial documents in a fully automated environment which eliminates one more manual task and takes a giant step towards a completely automated loan process.
Calyx’s™ interface with PointServ’s InstantSOURC™ platform enables a seamless delivery of financial documents without borrower intervention. As a result, the consistency and validity of document authenticity is beyond question. This new technology helps lenders eliminate the time consuming process of gathering, then validating borrower documents resulting in faster turn-around times for pre-approvals and full-cycle loan processes. “Any time a vendor can eliminate tasks for originators, and allow them put their efforts on other needs is highly welcome. PointServ has taken the mortgage industry one more step along the road to automation,” said Dennis Boggs, SVP of Business Development at Calyx.
“Lenders are increasingly turning to technology to speed up labor intensive manual processes. Removing the days’ long process of physically collecting and validating financial documents is a natural next step to improving the loan document process,” said William Gould, Director of Sales at PointServ. “The integration between InstantSOURC™ and Calyx’s Point™ enables the timely delivery of certified borrower information so that lenders can make decisions faster and more accurately. Eliminating manual steps in the data exchange process reduces errors, mitigates risk, saves money and ultimately drives profitable loan sales to investors.” “We are incredibly excited about automating a labor intensive aspect of the loan process,” said Blake Powell, manager at Americas Mortgage Professionals.
The synergy between Calyx Software and PointServ benefits lenders on multiple dimensions:
Automated Ordering —Loan officers and processors don’t need to create a request for documents from their borrowers. Once a new app is started an order can be automatically created and sent to the borrower.
Multiple Verifications ordered simultaneously — through automation of the financial document ordering process, multiple documents such as the 4506T, tax returns, pay stubs, and bank statements are ordered at one time and received in minutes.
About Calyx Software
Calyx Software, one of the top providers of mortgage solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers, is dedicated to offering reliable and affordable software that streamlines, integrates and optimizes all phases of the loan process. Point, a leading LOS, simplifies loan processing and enables seamless integration with online applications using WebCaster®, electronic signatures using INK-it and offering over 200 service providers within the Calyx Network. PointCentral® is our flexible platform utilizing the full functionality of Point combined with remote access and a strong business rules engine needed for workflow and compliance. Path™, all-in one cloud-based management system provides role-based workflow for administrative and compliance control. The third LOS, Pace™, also cloud-based combines loan origination, loan management, a borrower-facing website and mobile originations is currently in production. For more information, call (800) 362-2599 or visit http://www.calyxsoftware.com.
About PointServ
PointServ Inc. is the leading provider of certified borrower documents and verification services for the mortgage industry in the United States. The company develops and offers innovative technologies and services to help mortgage lenders, bankers and financial institutions process loan applications faster and more efficiently. PointServ’s products solve problems in the lending industry resulting in a better customer experience for borrowers and convenience for borrowers and originators. PointServ is headquartered in Burlingame, CA.