Poor Nutrition; Americans Are Starving Themselves To Death

Nov. 22, 2006 – Western Weight Loss Institute is a team made up of Physicians, Dietitians, Nurses and other trained nutrition coaches passionate in helping people to achieve weight loss success and sustain healthier eating habits across the lifespan.
Western Weigh Loss Institute, established to educate the hundreds of thousands of Americans whom are eating poorly, to eat better.
Extended learning opportunities can be found at www.breakthedietcycle.com

Americans spend over $30 million dollars annually feeding pets and livestock optimally. Yet, spend only $40 per day feeding themselves and their children adequately.
Health conditions, lost work and school time are all affects of poor nutrition that contributes to the 67% of Americans clinically obese today. Additional research and statistics may be read at www.breakthedietcycle.com

Businesses spend $48 billion annually covering health care costs associated with obesity: Insurance claims, loss in business productivity due to missed work days and preventable diseases and injuries. Business owners can save thousands by providing employees wellness plans found with the Western Weight Loss Institute at www.breakthedietcycle.com

Poor nutrition today of diets high in calories, grains, starches, nicotine, trans and modified fats, alcohol and cholesterol. And diets deprived of : protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral, mono unsaturated fats, water and micro nutrients both contribute significantly to the onset of obesity.

Resources available at www.breakthedietcycle.com enable people to make healthier food choices, while also providing the public the means to experience optimum nutrition.
Invaluable benefits of better health; prolonged life expectancy, increased energy, enhanced self confidence, improved mental alertness and secual performance along with reduced health care costs are reasons to begin today improving Americas’ eating habits with help from The Western Weight Loss Institute found at www.breakthedietcycle.com
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