Post-Holiday Sales Results Depend Upon Quality Customer Service

Dec. 28, 2006 – After the pressures of holiday travel and partying are over, there is a tendency for F&B and hotel workers to sit back and breathe a collective sigh of relief. While that’s understandable, it is critical to build upon the holiday momentum in order to maintain sales and profitability at the highest possible levels throughout the coming year.

“Many restaurants, bars and hotels benefited from being visited by new customers during the holiday season, and many of those same customers are likely to return throughout the year if they were initially pleased with the service they received,” says Paul Bol Raap, Managing Director of Dubai-based International Hospitality Check (IHC).

“That’s why it remains important for management to continue monitoring their staff and service personnel to ensure that hard-won new customers continue to receive the same level of customer service that attracted them to the business in the first place,” he added.

Many employees are encouraged to be at their best during the holidays because of the promise of bonuses and the generosity of guests who typically tip more during that season. After those incentives are gone, service level measurements may fall. This often results in an inconsistent level of quality that drives new customers away and disappoints existing customers as well.

All of this illustrates why so many F&B and Hotel Managers turn to IHC in order to receive detailed customer experience reports from mystery shopping professionals who visit the client’s establishment posing as ordinary customers ordering meals or acting as guests.

These reports provide an accurate measurement of an actual customer’s experience and provide management with a tool that can be used to both reward diligent employees and provide correction to employees who are not performing to the organization’s service levels.

“Often times it is possible to spot a declining service trend early and take the necessary steps to correct it before damage to the business’s reputation results,” Bol Raap added.

Paul Bol Raap invites anyone who is interested in going undercover, as well as business owners who want to see how their customer’s perceive the quality of their products and services, to visit or contact Paul Bol Raap directly.

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