Predator Automated Marketing System now Offers 6 Total Products.

Dec. 12, 2006 – Corona, CA: Predator Automated Marketing System Launched in Sept and already the affiliates sites sold have been beyond expectations but CEO Al Turnquist has broken it down into 6 different businesses.

The Individual Products break down as follows:

1) Make Money or Make Excuses $1000

The ultimate home business training course. Make Money or Make Excuses has been called the best home business training course in the home business industry. You will learn how to have 20-30 target prospect calling you daily and this will not cost you one red cent. In fact you will never have to buy leads again. You will also learn how to put 25-35 people a week into your down line, how to be totally dangerous on the phone, how to brand yourself, how to be in positive cash flow in 48hrs and more. If you’re serious about your business you need Make Money or Make Excuses. This course has sold for $1500.

2)The Journey Continues $1099

This course contains all of the content of Make Money or Make Excuse plus step by step instructions on how to create your personal plan of action for financial freedom. You will learn that you are closer to financial freedom then you might realize. Most families can achieve financial independence. This course is your ticket to the freedom you deserve

3) Predator Marketing Web Site $499

A Predator site provides you with one exiting website to promote all of your businesses.

We will customize the site to you. This purchase is our alternative to buying a Predator site at the silver level $59.95 where you have to pass up 4 sales. At this level you pass up 2 sales and you are fully qualified. You will receive a system site and you can plug into our live training classes.

4) Live Internet Marketing Training $1500

Learn to market and make money on the internet from the experts.

Your classes take place online in our state of the art conference room.

We teach it all, traffic exchanges, search engine optimization, how to build link popularity.

5)How to Buy or Control Real Estate With Little Money and No Credit


This eBook will show you step by step how to buy and or control real estate for income with no or very little of your own money. This is for anyone who would like to generate additional income, buy your first home and/or build income streams that you control 100%. This is not one of those complicated real estate courses. You will learn 1 powerful technique that anyone can do.

6) Extended Closing Program $1000

This is absolutely one of our hottest services. We don’t care what company you represent you can hire our closing professionals to call your prospects, answer their questions, and recruit them into your business. This service includes a lead capture website that explains this program and allows you to profile your businesses. You provide us with the information on your company and we will take it from there. This is your opportunity to delegate closing your recruits to closing professionals. This service is included for Predator System Site owners.

Complete System $3995

Save money when you purchase the complete system. You get everything listed above and more. As a system site owner you get paid on system sales, you earn money on the sale of the products listed on this page and you can build up to 9 different streams of income. At this level you are fully qualified after just 1 qualifying sale.

Note: As a system site owner you earn a 50% commission on all products listed on this page with the exception of the Complete System. On Complete System sales you earn a 75% commission

If you have an internet business or are looking for an opportunity you need to check this one out before you buy anything.
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