Prepare Your Car For Winter

Nov. 16, 2006 – Desperate Seller, the UK’s premier car buying and selling website, offers advice on what you should do to make sure your vehicle remains reliable and safe during the winter months.

• Anti-freeze. The best ratio of anti-freeze to water is 50/50. If the coolant (antifreeze and water) freezes, it could damage your engine, so make sure you have the ratio correct. Never fill your cooling system with plain water, even in summer as antifreeze helps to stop corrosion inside the engine as well as protecting it from the cold.

• Wipers & washers. Your windshield wiper blades should be replaced annually it’s worth even putting on a new set at the start of winter. Also, check your windscreen washer system to make sure it’s not blocked, and fill it up with washer fluid (not plain water as it will freeze).

• Battery. Battery failure is the most common source of trouble in winter, so if its more than three years old, have a professional test done to check its ability to hold a charge through the winter. Clean the battery terminal ends and lead connections, and check the water level in the battery, topping it off with distilled water, if required.

• Tyres. Because of winter’s lower temperatures, the air pressure in your tyres will drop. Check your tyre pressure and make sure its set to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Make sure you warm up the tyres before adding air, as adding air to cold tyres can result in over inflated tyres when they warm up. Don’t forget your spare when checking the vehicle’s tyres.

• Brakes. Get a brake check if you haven’t had one in the last six months.

• Hoses. Check the belts and hoses to ensure they are free from damage or leaks and replace any have any problem hoses replaced. Also make sure that your radiator hose clamps are tight to prevent leaks at the connections.

• Oil. Change to a lighter oil as this will help to protect your engine from excessive wear when starting a cold car. Heavier oil takes longer to circulate into the motor and internal damage can occur.

“As well as making the above checks on your vehicle, make sure you reduce your speed when driving in winter conditions, as it gives both you and your car more time to react to weather changes,” Berry said. “Lastly, make sure you keep your petrol tank as full as possible.”

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