Prestostamps Launches New Range of Rubber Stamps

Nov. 1, 2006 – There are several pre-defined messages that one needs to use in official communication like ‘URGENT’, ‘Thanks for your order’ and like. Pre-inked rubber stamps can make these messages standout and add to the impact of the stationary. Prestostamps, pioneers of pre-inked rubber stamps in India, have introduced stamps with several new messages for improved efficiency in official correspondence.
“We found that people have migrated to advanced printing with Laser and Inkjet printers but were still using the typical rubber stamps, spoiling the whole look of the stationary. That is why we introduced pre-inked rubber stamps. Now the market has wholeheartedly accepted these stamps and there is a regular demand for new messages. Some people even demand stamps with famous quotes”, reported Anurag Poddar, director of Prestostamps.
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