Princeton Student Invents Hangover Cure Named Thrive+

While studying neuroscience at Princeton University, then Sophomore Brooks Powell discovered a way to prevent hangovers. He invented Thrive+ and it is now sold online and in select retailers.

Austin, TX, April 21, 2015 –(– Inventor: Brooks Powell, Princeton Class of 2017. (Hometown: Houston, TX)

Product name: Thrive+

What is Thrive+?
Thrive+ is a patent-pending hangover cure that mitigates the negative effects of alcohol consumption.

Thrive+ comes in capsule (pill) form and is taken after drinking alcohol/before going to bed to prevent hangovers.

Thrive+ primarily works to combat hangovers by reducing short-term alcohol withdrawal, the main cause of most hangover symptoms. These hangover symptoms consist of lethargy, nausea, brain fog, headaches, irritability, and general discomfort. Thrive+ also contains B-Vitamins, Electrolytes, Antioxidants, and liver support ingredients, making Thrive+ the most comprehensive and novel hangover cure to be invented and to be available on the market. Thrive+ is all-natural and is manufactured in a FDA-certified manufacturer here in the USA under full compliance with GMP regulations. It is regulated under the FDA as a dietary supplement.

Invention of Thrive+
Thrive+ was created in the dorm rooms of Princeton University by current Princeton student Brooks Powell. As a Division 1 athlete (swimmer), and a student at a current highest ranked university (Princeton, US News college rankings), Powell consistently saw how the social life of Princeton students and athletes often got in the way of their need to be extremely high performing both in their training, or in their rigorous school work. Hangovers often caused Powell’s classmates to under perform in athletic training, or in their college academics.

Though hangovers have costly effects, Powell noticed that the opportunity cost of having a hangover hardly ever stopped anyone from drinking.

While taking a neuroscience course at Princeton University taught by Professor Sam Wang, Powell stumbled across a recent academic article out of UCLA titled: “Dihydromyricetin as a novel anti-alcohol intoxication medication.” In the study, researchers tested an ancient-eastern plant called “holvenia dulcis” that is claimed to treat liver disease and hangovers in eastern cultures. The researchers found that by extracting out the active ingredient of the plant (Dihydromyricetin) and using it in a higher percentage of purity that they could 1) prevent rats from getting drunk and also instantly sober them up, 2) prevent rats from forming a tolerance/addiction to alcohol, and 3) prevent rats from showing any signs of being hungover.

Recognizing the use of Dihydromyricetin as an effective means for treating the negative effects of alcohol consumption, Powell soon began talking to Professor Wang about the idea of combining Dihydromyricetin with other naturally-occurring compounds known to reduce hangovers/long-term negative effects of alcohol usage and then marketing it as a hangover cure. Wang soon became so excited about the potential usage of Dihydromyricetin in a hangover cure that he dedicated a class lecture to it.

Powell soon found a way to have Dihydromyricetin manufactured along with other known compounds for mitigating hangovers (B vitamins, Gingerols, Nopal, Silymarin, and N-Acetyl Cysteine) and then filed for a patent. Powell then let classmates sample the invented Thrive+ formula. He had no shortage of customers; Princetonians ranging from football players to eating club presidents asked to give Thrive+ a try.

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