Pro-Staff Pest Control Advises Homeowners to Pick Out the Best Grass for Their New Home

A leader in pest control and lawn care in Central Florida, Pro-Staff Pest Control explains to homeowners who are building a new home, the types of grass best suited for their new home and the Florida climate.

Orlando, FL, April 18, 2015 –(– A lot of new construction in Central Florida will bring about decisions about what type of grass to use in a new home’s yard. With three of the most common types of grass to choose from, Pro-Staff Pest Control provides homeowners with guidance on which grass type if right for them.

St. Augustine: This is the preferred grass for most people. It is a dense–growing dark green turf. Some types are tolerant of shade, and this grass is easily available at lawn and garden centers. It can be started by sod or plugs. However, some may not want this type of grass if heavy foot traffic could occur because it could affect the deep root growth of the grass. This type of grass requires lots of watering especially in the hot summer and fertilizing 4x a year. In addition, it is prone to damage from insects and fungal problems.

Bahia Grass: The second most popular grass in Central Florida, bahia can be established from sod or seed and turns brown in cold seasons. This drought-tolerant grass must be mowed regularly and does not tolerate shade or cold temperatures. It is susceptible to mole crickets and will not grow in soil that has a high pH level.

Zoysia Grass: This type of grass is not very common in Central Florida. It is a dense-growing turf that adapts to a wide-variety of soil conditions and tolerates shade. However, it takes two seasons to grow and requires monthly fertilizing and frequent irrigation. This type of grass tends to easily incur damage from bugs and several lawn diseases and it is not easy to obtain.

“There is no best type of Central Florida grass,” states Robert D. Welch, President of Orlando’s Pro-Staff Pest Control and Lawn Care. “It all depends on how much maintenance you want to incur, the type of irrigation system installed, the pH level of the soil, the amount of shade in your yard, and how wet your soil gets. These are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing what grass to lay for your lawn.”

Once a lawn has been laid, establishing and maintaining it is important. Contact the experts at Pro-Staff Pest Control and Lawn Care at 407-292-7378 to help with that. They provide live chat, online bill review and payment, and excellent customer service. To learn more about their lawn care services, browse their website.

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