Product Release 8.12.06 – New IT Reporting Product for Global Market!

Dec. 8, 2006 – According to Carl Verster, marketing manager for The BlueBox “it really is a simple, yet beautifully structured solution for managing business KPI reporting. I actually can’t wait to see the markets reaction to the product! BlueBoxWidget is perfectly positioned for global appeal, and business owners, CEOs, MDs and senior managers are going to love it!”.

Those that are familiar with the ‘Widget’ (or Gadget) concept might be more used to seeing Widgets in the form of calendars, tickers, clocks and the many other very appealing looking, but ultimately not exceedingly useful, desktop toys. The BlueBox has taken this framework and achieved a significant milestone in applying their own BlueBox technology to give Widgets a business purpose and making the BlueBoxWidget a ‘must have’ business communication device and business intelligence tool.

BlueBoxWidget represents the cutting edge in internet technology; raising the bar for desktop reporting by providing a hosted solution which has the flexibility of allowing data to be pushed from various data sources (including manual input) and pushed to either desktop, or browser embedded solutions while embracing the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) philosophy and the social phenomenon that is Web2.0. is essentially a data gateway, allowing users to store data in a centralised location, and then push it out to their target audience, be they staff; customers; suppliers; associates; public in a variety of forms. The system allows one to add unlimited ‘data items’ to their own personal back-office account. Each Data Item is specified as, for example a bar graph, dial, text, link etc. and users can then choose to input the data manually, directly on the www.blueboxwidget site, or have the data dynamically fed to the site via XML or ‘direct link API’ methods. The Data Items are then ‘viewed’ as Widget Windowlets on the users’ PC desktop using the BlueBox Desktop Widget or in web- or intranet-pages as page widgets. Users can also ‘export’ their Data Items as live feeds in XML or ATOM format, and these have been adapted to ‘one click’ links into standard feed platforms such as Google, Pageflakes, AOL and the like.

Some of the features of this release include:

* Personal BackOffice
* Management of Users/ Viewers and Groups
* Multiple Data publishing formats (graphic and text)
* Google, Pageflakes, AOL, XML, ATOM etc. integration
* C Analytics
* Customisable to read users own data
* Attractive and user friendly GUI

MD of The BlueBox, Paul de Villiers says that “with the advent of the evolution of web services, businesses are increasingly looking to open architecture suppliers for their solutions. Business Intelligence has been an expensive and hard to obtain ideal that has only been available from ‘big name’ providers. BlueBoxWidget makes BI accessible and affordable to everyone, large and small!”

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