Propecia: Savior from Hair Loss Paranoia among Men

Dec. 28, 2006 – Concerned about hair loss? Hair loss has become a common phenomenon among men. The main cause of hair loss in men is the activity of Dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is a by-product of testosterone, which determines the gender specific characteristics in a male child. The increase in Dihydrotestosterone in the body clogs the healthy hair follicles of the scalp. In this way, Dihydrotestosterone weakens the hair follicles and hinders the growth of healthy hair.

Alan Baker, a senior marketing executive at Hair Care Tips comments, “Propecia usage has revolutionarised the hair loss scenario among men. Men no longer have to cope with the dreaded situation of hair loss. Propecia can be put forth as a saviour from hair loss paranoia among men”. Propecia is the only FDA approved pill which can effectually aid in the treatment of male pattern baldness or hair loss in men. Propecia is effectual in the hair growth on the vertex and anterior mid-scalp.

Women with child bearing potential, expectant women should avoid coming in direct contact with crushed or broken Propecia pills, as it can cause abnormalities in the male fetal. Propecia is strictly meant for usage by men in treatment of hair loss and should not be used by women and children.

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