Property Values Rise Quickly When A Celebrity Moves Next Door.

Dec. 2, 2006 – Britney Spears has been living at celebrity “Shabby Chic” interior designer Rachel Aswell’s home in the exclusive guard-gated community of Malibu Colony for the last few weeks. Security has been at an all time high due to aggressive paparazzi. It just so happens that Britneys personal security was denied access to the exclusive enclave yesterday because her bodyguard tried to gain entry with an expired pass.

With all the weird and unusual demands that the rich and famous who live in the Malibu colony request of their neighbors and get, even they are annoyed by their new “house guest” neighbor because she is destroying their privacy and breaking the residents tradition of “what happens in the colony, stays in the colony”

Malibu colony resident and real estate expert Chad Rogers mentioned that this could be good for property value, even though it now takes forever to get through the gates due to the media frenzy. The residents would be willing to put up with it because this kind of celebrity linkage is sure to raise property values.

Other celebrities linked to the Malibu colony are: Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, Sting, and newly single Pamela Anderson, who has recently leased her colony digs to Pietra Thornton and her children (Billy Bob’s ex wife, and father of their children)

Obviously, the colony continues to remain a celebrity haven.

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