PS Filter Emphasizes the Importance of Carbon Filtration Equipment

Often times, contaminants from natural gas can be deadly. Take for example hydrogen sulphide, more commonly known as H2S. If H2S is not properly taken care of, it can permeate through the air and pose a lethal risk to anyone exposed to it. To filter hydrogen sulphide and other undesirable gases and contaminants like water vapour, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, PS Filter manufactures carbon filtration equipment that is used for glycol dehydration and amine treatment applications.

Calgary, Canada, April 19, 2015 –(– Both glycol dehydration and amine treatments work to remove unwanted contaminants, the difference being that glycol dehydration treatments use glycol, whereas amine treatments use amine solutions instead. Some ways to remove raw gas impurities include:

1. Separation of Natural Gas Liquids
2. Oil and condensate removal
3. Removal of H2S and CO2
4. Dewatering/Drying

PS Filter’s AquaSorb carbon filtration equipment is designed for a variety of different treatments. To learn more about PS Filter’s carbon filtration equipment, visit the PS Filter product brochure page at

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Since 1987, PS Filter has been manufacturing customized filtration systems and equipment worldwide for oil and gas producers, domestic junior producers, and EPC firms. Although once a small family business, PS Filter has grown to become one of the largest international suppliers of filtration solutions for liquid, amine, and glycol. To learn more about PS Filter visit
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