Purebred Dog Website Launches New Members Only Area

Nov. 29, 2006 – A purebred dog web site on the World Wide Web offers new dog owners – and those interested in owning a pure bred dog – the ability to research over 150 purebred dog breeds using the Internet. The fantastic dog breed reviews and health and training articles, found at http://www.pedigreedpups.com, provides much more pure breed dog information and links to several resources that can help dog lovers make the correct choice when deciding on the perfect breed for them. Pedigreedpups offers one-stop content and shopping experiences as well for dog lovers,” said the site’s creator, Debbie Ray, a lifelong dog lover and current owner of three German Shepherds.

The site, described as “impressive” by Gayle Robinson, a manager for Ditto’s, Inc., and also a lifelong dog lover, ” it provides great content on each of the AKC recognized dog breeds, but it also has very clear photos of each dog breed, a great purebred dog newsletter and a frequently updated blog, dog related training and health articles, and tons of dog related information on supplies for puppies or dogs.

“Further, it’s a very well done and comprehensive dog only site. The site is designed in such a way as to offer greater research material for potential dog owners or those who just got a new puppy than similar dog sites, Robinson said. “Unlike other purebred dog sites, Pedigreedpups.com doesn’t just provide links to other dog information; it offers helpful content and dog related news to even the biggest dog newbie there is,” she said. Robinson noted that the frequently updated purebred dog site has also just added a special Members Only Area to the site for newsletter members filled with all sorts of dog related gift items, coupons and other extras not found anywhere else on the site.

Ray said she created the site after seeing many new dog owners struggle to find information about purebred dog breeds before making that lifelong commitment. “Because I use the Internet so much myself, I realized the potential of this incredible network for people to broaden their dog related searches with loads of content in only one spot. And with the new addition of our Members only Area, we can reward our newsletter subscribers and members with even more dog related surprises not found anywhere else on Pedigreedpups.com” Ray said.

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