Puridiom Releases Ardent Partners’ Report on Collaborative Procurement

Puridiom, a leading Procure-to-Pay solution provider has just released a new Ardent Partners’ report: Collaborative Procurement: Using Relationships to Drive Influence and Results. The report focuses on leveraging collaborative relationships to meet business objectives and drive increased enterprise value and is a follow-up to the webinar of the same name that aired June 17, 2015.
Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) are pressured to drive more value from their departments than ever before as they attempt to stretch the limits of their organizations while also maximizing the relationships they have developed with suppliers and internal stakeholders. This report takes a closer look at the key relationships with suppliers and internal stakeholders and how their engagement can impact business processes.
“In 2015, no business function can go it alone. Teams must leverage their collective strength to meet goals and execute well,” says Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners and author of the report. “With its linkage to so many different internal and external stakeholders, the procurement department has more opportunities than most functions to broadly impact operations and results. Procurement’s ability to place spend under its management or influence is greatly enhanced by its ability to engage budget-holders and functional peers in proactive conversations. This means that the quality of procurement’s collaboration will more directly determine their results.”
“Puridiom provides procurement tools as well as best practice advice to help organizations’ achieve their goals,” says Jesus Ramos, Puridiom CEO. “Strategic collaboration with the right stakeholders is one of those best practices that will help organizations maximize opportunities for procurement success.”
Download the Collaborative Procurement report here or through the Puridiom website. It aligns with the Puridiom/Ardent Partners webinar of the same name, available on-demand now.