Q: Are We Feeding Our Children To Death? A: Stop, Sit And Listen On The Park Bench®

Nov. 3, 2006 – Nutley, New Jersey. (October 31, 2006). Parental Wisdom®, a patented parenting website that recognizes parents as the real experts in knowing their children best, announces Park Bench®. As a new addition to the website, Park Bench® is a forum where experts tackle issues and challenges facing parents today in a new unique way that is fully accessible to parents.

Recognizing that today’s parents face more serious problems, have less time, and lost the support system that past generations relied on, Park Bench® presents topics in ways parents can relate to while offering solutions with the help of trusted, credible experts and resources. The way the forum works is simple. Staying in tune with current parenting trends and headline subjects, Park Bench® invites a panel of various experts to discuss it. What makes Park Bench® more unique is that this panel is captured on an audio broadcast that is then available to parents on www.parentalwisdom.com. The audio broadcast can be listened to online, downloaded for a later time or burned onto a CD making it a great portable tool that can be shared with the family and/or friends.

“Parents today feel as if they are fighting a David vs. Goliath battle, largely due to overwhelming outside influences,” states Tina Nocera, founder of Parental Wisdom®. “Park Bench takes topics and presents them in real-life situations that parents can relate to, and then provides solutions and ideas to make things better, all in a single broadcast.”

The first Park Bench® broadcast will focus on the delicate issue of childhood obesity. Entitled ‘Are We Feeding Our Children to Death?,’ it begins by following a day in the life of a nine-year-old boy, and observes the role media and societal influences play in unhealthy food and activity choices. Parental Wisdom® advisors and other experts in their fields present solutions and resources. Parents can listen to the broadcast at their convenience, which is available on the Parental Wisdom® website www.parentalwisdom.com and immediately put the suggestions to use. A free report providing resources and experts is available and include Dr. Rob Gilbert, Dr. David Walsh, Dr. Jacob Harney, Dr. Steve Virilio, Dr. Rhonda Clements as well as teen expert and author, Annie Fox. ‘Are We Feeding Our Children to Death?’ is available for listening immediately.

Future Park Bench® broadcasts will address topics such as family finances and philanthropy, valuable lessons children need to learn, family non-friendliness in America and many more.

About Parental Wisdom®
Awarded two U.S. patents in child development, Parental Wisdom® provides parents with multiple and trusted expert responses to their questions about raising children. We basically help two groups of people; parents that have questions they need answers to, and experts with answers that would like to be heard. Other websites, parenting books and magazines offer a single expert opinion in response to parents’ questions. Despite the millions of websites and thousands of books, none offer multiple expert responses to parents’ questions about raising their children in one place.

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