Quasimoto Interactive, Inc. Announces Sale of Quasicade EX through Sam’s Club.

Dec. 8, 2006 – San Diego, Calif., December 8, 2006 – Samsclub.com today has listed the Quasicade EX Universal Arcade System bundle with over 250 games and a television with integrated sound. The Quasicade EX is an upright arcade cabinet in black melamine. It will include a Sony PlayStation 2 with popular classic games such as Pac-man, Dig-Dug and Galaga by Namco, Street Fighter II by Capcom, and Atari’s Space Invaders. It will also include newer titles such as SSX Tricky. Other features of the Quasicade EX include a 20” flat screen television, an integrated 2.1 sound system, universal arcade control panel with connections for four different game systems, and storage for gaming hardware and software.

The extremely low unique price of $1299 is typical of Sam’s Club’s pricing strategy. Quasimoto’s MSRP for the Quasicade EX is $599 without the bundle of software and hardware.

Any party interested in ordering should contact Quasimoto Interactive, Inc. directly at (619) 440-5802 or visit samsclub.com. The sale price does not include shipping charges, which is also severely discounted through samsclub.com.

Quasimoto Interactive, Inc. is a leader in home arcade technology with universal connectivity for most game consoles as well as PC and Mac. Quasimoto has about 300 retailers selling Quasicade brand arcade machines across the globe.

Quasimoto Interactive, Inc.
Eddie Phanichkul,
Marketing Director
619-440-5802 ext. 301

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