RadioMike Interviews Rebbe Soul

Dec. 17, 2006 – My Darlin’ Neurons,

Since we spoke last, we’ve raised $104.89. You all are pretty wonderful to continue helping in every way that you have. Here’s another way you can keep helping AND buy the things you need at the same time: A small percentage will go to The Fevered Brain Of RadioMike to help us reach our ongoing needed goals. We told you all changes were coming. Slowly but surely they are. Much thanks and gratitude go to Candee E. for this one. She’s also helping us with Imani to become that Non Profit we keep talking about.

Tonight’s interview is our first with the New telephone service, and we think it’s pretty cool. Bruce of Rebbe Soul took time out of his busy Musical travels to talk to us about Chanukah, and various other curiosities that we asked him about. We learned a lot and had fun, too. You should enjoy this one.

Here are some important things. Maggie Walters ( is still up for the UBL contest and needs our votes: Help her get there and maybe we can sweet-talk her to gig in your town. She still amazes everyone. And the RIAA has been in the news more and more lately and it is nerve-wracking to some of us. The EFF has written a petition that might slow down the madness. We don’t all agree with their legitimacy (Yes, Vince, you have always had some good arguments.), but we can all agree that there must be an Alternative to the legal actions against grandmothers with no computer knowledge. Sign the petition so we can get there:

Now here’s someone we may be working with soon: Dave is creating some interesting Radio Theatre with his team of Creatives and he’s worth checking out. Tell him we sent you.

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