RadioMike Interviews The Love

Nov. 19, 2006 – My Darlin’ Neurons,

Yes, we have first RadioMike Showcase photos. We hope you like.

The Hall of Fame is now linked on the Front Page. So go visit, and while you are there, read the new site Introduction. We just updated it to reflect some recent donations. We have the fees needed for The New Year! Take a good look in the mirror and thank yourselves for giving to the Cause. You got us here, and we Love you all for that. There are still friends and fans and fellow musicians who have not donated, but it will never be too late. We have posted links to the needed equipment that we have started to receive donations for, so have a look and send us your suggestions for mics, and a proper refurbished Mac (Brand new is just too expensive for anyone until we have Corporate Sponsorship or some such thing.)

Our Interview is a rather Interesting one from two premiere entertainers, Jamie Stellini and Jessie Murphy, now known to the World as THE LOVE ( You have to hear their professed appreciation for Hall And Oats. Seriously. This was an altogether fun and delightful interview. Dig in.

Our friend Eric ( is heading down to Austin from NYC (during SXSW 2007) to play a few gigs on the way and on the way back (and hopefully in Austin as well). He has a car and he is looking for one talented musician of any genre to share the musical stage with as well as expenses. Any takers? There are quite a few of you we actually miss, but there is only room for One. Who wants to visit RadioMike and his Fevered Brain?

Maggie Walters ( is finally up for one of those best of awards. It’s been a long time coming, and you all know she deserves this and more. So go vote once a day, and we can all say we knew her when she was mostly unknown and Brilliant:

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