Radius Launches Custom Signals to Empower Marketing Leaders to Discover More Opportunities

Radius, the business-to-business predictive marketing software company, announced the launch of Custom Signals, a capability that enables marketers to flexibly define segments and gain a 360-degree view of the best opportunities within their top markets. Custom Signals enables smarter marketing decisions by leveraging signals from internal Salesforce fields along with the Radius Business Graph – today’s most comprehensive and dynamic collection of over 50 billion signals on every U.S. business. Radius can now process custom Salesforce fields such as multiple product lines, price points, campaigns, marketing channels, customer health score, and much more. This will create a more streamlined workflow and serve as a link between the Radius Business Graph and existing Salesforce data.
“Enterprise companies have many use cases for segmentation. Custom Signals create the flexibility required by marketers to leverage fields within their CRM, along with those provided by Radius, to precisely define and use segmentation for different business needs. We’ve built this capability recognizing that our customers – in particular those with multiple products and marketing channels – need a way to extend the use of Radius with more flexibility,” said Arup Banerjee, SVP of Product Management.
Precise Segmentation to Extend Marketing Use Cases
Marketers use segmentation in support of many go-to-market initiatives. For example a marketer could: find new markets for new products, upsell and cross sell into existing customers, prioritize and distribute inbound demand from top performing sources, identify high performing sales and marketing channels, and assess current market penetration by product lines.
The signals needed for precise segmentation live in different places, and the ability to draw upon signals from Radius and a company’s own CRM is necessary to support the countless use cases for customer insights. Without one or the other, the information may be incomplete or be too broadly defined for true go-to-market impact.
The Power Behind Radius: The Radius Business Graph
Radius leverages the Business Graph – a living external data cloud of over 50 billion dynamic signals on every U.S. business. From industry, location, and revenue, to webcart technologies, social savviness, and more, our business graph constantly tracks and updates from thousands of sources, making it the most comprehensive source of business insight and opportunity.
To ensure customer insights are accurate and effective, our always-on CRM integrations apply advanced machine-learning to enhance match rates, provide real-time insights, and mitigate the risk of duplication. Our high performance architecture can handle millions of records while maintaining a high level of accuracy.
See Custom Signals in Action
Join the next Radius Innovation Series Webinar on Custom Signals on July 9th at 10am PT / 1 pm ET. Register here.
About Radius
Radius delivers predictive marketing software that transforms the way B2B companies discover new market opportunities, acquire the right customers, and measure success.
Using Radius, marketers instantly access unprecedented value with cloud-based software designed for user experience, scalability, and security for organizations of any size – from the Fortune 500 to emerging growth companies.
Our software is powered by the Radius Intelligence Cloud – a proprietary data science engine fueled by intelligence on every U.S. business – which provides marketers with real-time predictive analytics, powerful segmentation, and seamless integrations to reach all their customers in more meaningful, relevant ways.
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