Raising Your Credit Score can mean big savings on loans

Nov. 26, 2006 – Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl – November, 26

Steve Blisko author of the Self Defense Credit Repair Course and Credit Warfare offered advice in a radio interview this week on how to raise your credit score in 24 hours.

“The difference between a 690 and 720 score can be huge if you are going for a mortgage loan” says blisko. “A few simple adjustments can raise your score 100 points or more and make the loan process much easier and far less expensive” blisko said.

Credit scores are an indicator of a consumer’s credit standing and control to a great extent approval and interest rates for most loans and credit cards. knowing your score is criritcal and easy to do. You can visit any of the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Trans Union or Experian) or go to myfico.com for a 3 in 1 report with scores. Scores higher than 700 are considered very good credit risks and those below increase in risk perception as you get closer to 600.

Mr. Blisko has been writing and speaking on consumer credit since 1989 and has authored two books on the subject. You can learn more by visiting myhomelink.com and viewing the credit area of that site.

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